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About the Studio

A studio run by musicians for musicians.

G.E.M. Recordings has always been a studio run by musicians for musicians. We have the talent, experience and facilities to develop your musical ideas into the top notch recordings you need. Our skill and background is unmatched. We have recorded virtually every type of music.

At G.E.M. your sessions start on time, your cue mix sounds great, and your projects are delivered when you need them. When you walk out of the door with your finished recording, we make sure you are thrilled, or we will make it right. Our rates are not the lowest you will find out there, but if you are paying less per hour and it takes twice as long, you are not saving money----you are wasting time.


John Epps
John Epps has produced and recorded every genre of music including rock, pop, jazz, bluegrass, country, classical, choral and urban. His educational background consists of an undergraduate degree from Newberry College, completed course work from Berklee College of Music, and a Masters of Music in theory-composition from the University of South Carolina. During those years he studied and played electric/acoustic bass, guitar, piano, and brass instruments. His interest in writing and performing evolved into the production of high quality music and voice recordings using the finest technology available. John managed the recording studio at the University of South Carolina School of Music for nearly 20 years. Since 1991 he has owned and used numerous Avid/Digidesign Pro Tools recording/editing/mixing systems.

Carl Burnitz
Carl Burnitz is a magna cum laude graduate of the University of South Carolina. Specializing in media arts, Carl not only has experience in audio, but also in video, photography, and other technologies. His strengths lie in recording, editing, and mixing in various digital audio workstations. He has the most expertise in Pro Tools and works comfortably in all versions used today. Carl knows that quality recording requires skill in the digital and analog domains. Whether choosing the right acoustic space or selecting the best microphone, preamp, or outboard gear, he has a thorough understanding of how to get the best sound from all musicians in any style of music. Carl's ultimate goal is to make the recording process easy and fun for the artist. He views himself as a tool in an artist's creative vision and wants to make that vision a reality.

Gordan (Dick) Goodwin
Gordon (Dick) Goodwin is Distinguished Professor Emeritus at the University of South Carolina where he headed the theory- composition area, arranged the music for the marching band, and for five years conducted the university orchestra. He was the first winner of the Elizabeth O'Neill Verner Individual Artist Award (the highest honor awarded in the arts by the State of South Carolina). His compositions, in virtually every idiom from jingle to opera, jazz band to orchestra, have been performed across the US and abroad. Dr. Goodwin has produced, composed, arranged, and/or performed on hundreds of projects at G.E.M Recordings ... everything from bluegrass albums to film background scores. Prior to coming to the University of South Carolina he taught composition and theory and ran the jazz program (which he initiated) at the University of Texas. Before that he spent four years as a band director in the US Coast Guard. Goodwin is a Yamaha Trumpet Artist.

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